Discover the latest AI tools and websites in 2024-05

Screen Writing, Chattts Online, Ai song, Netjet AI, Zeabur AI, Lingolette AI, Chatbi, Gpt4oo AI, Deco AI, Svelteship, is the best paid/free 2024-05tools.

Screen Writing

Screenwriting.AI is a revolutionary AI-driven platform designed to enhance the creative process for screenwriters. By providing tools such as script outlines, dialogue improvement, and character development, it helps writers overcome creative obstacles, ensuring the originality and quality of the script, and increasing the chances of being selected by producers and film studios.

Chattts Online

ChatTTS is an advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) model that uses ChatGPT, Google, and Microsoft's technology to convert written text into natural speech. It supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Russian, making it perfect for dialogue tasks, audio and video presentations, and other applications. Its open-source model promotes further research and development, making it a powerful tool for developers.

Ai song

AISong.Fun is a platform that uses AI technology to generate free music and lyrics. Users can download and experience cutting-edge tunes generated by advanced AI algorithms, making it perfect for music enthusiasts and creators to explore new creative possibilities.

Netjet AI
0 is an online website building tool that allows users to create websites without any coding or design experience. With, you can choose a template, customize it to your liking, and publish your website online. The platform offers fast loading speeds, unlimited storage and access, member area creation, and team collaboration tools, making it ideal for startups and small businesses.

Zeabur AI

Zeabur is an innovative platform designed to simplify and accelerate the deployment and scaling of applications. It automatically analyzes code, supports multiple programming languages and frameworks, provides a seamless CI/CD experience, and helps developers easily achieve automatic scaling and multi-environment management of services. Zeabur's edge network ensures that users can quickly access the nearest data center, improving service response time.

Lingolette AI

Lingolette is an AI-driven language learning tool that helps users achieve fluency in speaking and writing through real-time conversations. Whether you are a language school student or a self-learner, Lingolette can provide you with a personalized learning experience to help break through fluency barriers.


ChatBI is an intelligent text SQL generation tool based on large models, combined with data visualization, to achieve dialogue system automatically generated chart display and data analysis, aiming to simplify the BI query process and improve the efficiency and accuracy of data analysis.

Gpt4oo AI

GPT4oo is a website dedicated to providing the latest and most comprehensive AI tool directory, helping users easily find the AI tools they need. By offering a daily updated list of AI tools, GPT4oo provides a free platform to enhance SEO.

Deco AI
0 is an open-source, headless frontend platform designed to help businesses of all kinds quickly build high-performance digital experiences. Combining Deno, JSX, and Tailwind technologies, it provides the ability for both no-code editing and full code customization.


SvelteShip is a comprehensive SvelteKit application template designed to help developers launch and deploy applications quickly. It includes pre-built UI components, user authentication, pricing page, blog engine, subscription management, and user dashboard, with support for SEO optimization and modular customization.

Ai Manga Translator

AI Manga Translator is a user-friendly tool designed for translating manga and comic scans into multiple languages quickly and accurately using AI-powered technology. Ideal for both manga enthusiasts and professional needs, it offers various translation plans to suit different user requirements.

Chattts Ai

ChatTTS is a speech generation model designed for dialogue scenarios, suitable for dialogue tasks of large language model assistants, dialogue audio and video introductions, and other applications. It is trained on approximately 100,000 hours of Chinese and English data, demonstrating high-quality and natural speech synthesis effects.

0 is an advanced PDF generation platform designed for developers, providing a simple and efficient solution for PDF generation.

s10 AI
0 is an advanced AI-driven platform designed to streamline and enhance the parenting experience. It offers personalized insights, real-time solutions, and a comprehensive suite of tools to support parents in managing their children's health, education, and daily activities effectively.


There's An AI For That is a comprehensive database of artificial intelligence tools, providing intuitive search functionality to help users find AI applications for various tasks. This platform is updated daily and offers over 1,900 AI tools to meet the needs of users in different fields.

Trevor Ai

Trevor AI is an AI-driven task planning application that helps users simplify daily, weekly, and monthly task management, improve work efficiency, and focus.

Slides Ai

SlidesAI is an innovative online tool that can convert text into professional presentation slides in seconds. Suitable for individuals and businesses who need to quickly create high-quality presentations, SlidesAI offers a simple and intuitive solution to improve work efficiency.


Yay! Forms is a versatile online form builder that enables users to create, manage, and integrate custom forms seamlessly. Designed for businesses and individuals, Yay! Forms simplifies data collection and enhances workflow automation, making it an essential tool for efficient and effective form management.


Charma is a performance management platform designed for modern teams, dedicated to improving employee productivity and engagement. Through behavior science-driven tools, Charma helps companies optimize talent, reduce employee turnover, and improve overall performance.

Good Notes

GoodNotes is a leading digital note-taking app that combines AI technology to provide features such as handwriting recognition, PDF annotation, and intelligent note organization. Whether it's for studying, working, or personal notes, GoodNotes can meet all your needs.

Getconch AI

Conch AI is a powerful writing and research assistant designed for students, researchers, and professionals. Using invisible AI technology, Conch AI helps users to easily write, edit, and humanize text, while ensuring that they will not be detected by AI detection systems. Whether it's writing papers, summarizing research data, or interacting with documents, Conch AI can greatly improve efficiency.

Dashworks AI

Dashworks is an intelligent team collaboration tool designed to integrate various information resources within the company, improve employee work efficiency, and speed up information retrieval. Whether it's new employees joining the company or existing employees looking for specific information, Dashworks provides comprehensive support and efficient solutions. As a highly integrated intelligent platform, Dashworks helps businesses break free from fragmented information and promote knowledge sharing and collaboration within the organization.

Think Initalian

Think in Italian is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to helping learners master the Italian language through a variety of resources including audio lessons, readings, and interactive tools. The site offers tailored courses designed to immerse students in Italian, ensuring they think and communicate naturally in the language. With user-friendly features and a focus on practical usage, Think in Italian is ideal for anyone looking to improve their Italian fluency efficiently.

Hallo AI
0 is an AI platform dedicated to language learning, aiming to help users fluently master multiple languages through actual conversations with AI tutors.

Hitalk AI

HiTalk is a top-notch AI language learning platform, offering courses in vocabulary, phrases, daily conversations, writing, and more, and supporting interactive chatting with AI language tutors in 28 languages. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, HiTalk can meet your language learning needs.

Examly AI
0 is an innovative online learning platform, focusing on helping students prepare for a variety of competitive exams. By providing real simulation exams, personalized learning plans, and detailed performance analysis, ensures that students can improve their scores effectively and perform excellently in exams.

Ai Online Course

AI Online Course provides the latest knowledge and tools of artificial intelligence, including basic tutorials, hands-on projects, and self-assessment question banks, helping users to deepen their understanding and application of AI technology.

Cramly AI

Cramly is an online learning platform that focuses on providing an efficient learning experience, dedicated to helping students better grasp knowledge. With personalized learning plans, curated question banks, real-time feedback, and learning progress tracking, Cramly helps you achieve better results in your studies.

Ai Apply

AIApply is an innovative platform leveraging AI to simplify job application processes, helping users create professional resumes and cover letters quickly. With advanced AI models like GPT-4, AIApply offers tools such as resume builders, cover letter generators, job matching, and more, making job searching efficient and effective.

Myvocal AI
0 is an advanced AI voice cloning and text-to-speech service. With this platform, users can clone their own voice for singing, speech synthesis, and more. It supports multiple languages and emotion recognition, aiming to provide convenient and personalized voice experiences for users.

Deepgram AI

Deepgram is a leading speech recognition technology company, focusing on providing fast and accurate speech-to-text solutions. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology, Deepgram's services are widely used in various scenarios, including real-time voice assistants, customer service, podcast transcription, and more.

Trinka AI

Trinka AI is an advanced writing assistant tool designed to improve the quality of academic and technical writing. Its features include grammar check, plagiarism detection, literature review, etc., helping users create high-quality documents.

Suno Prompt

SunoPrompt is an advanced AI music prompt generator that helps users create personalized song styles and lyrics. Whether you are a composer, producer, musician, or just someone enthusiastic about creating unique musical landscapes, SunoPrompt can inspire your creativity through the power of AI.


My Pocket Lawyer is an innovative AI-driven platform aimed at simplifying the analysis of contracts and legal documents, providing real-time feedback, and offering professional legal advice for free to users. This tool uses artificial intelligence technology to provide users with detailed explanations of terms, helping them understand the subtle differences and potential risks in contracts.

Aiwith Ai

AI WITH.ME is a platform focused on navigating AI tools, aiming to provide users with thousands of AI tools to better utilize AI technology. Through this platform, users can discover and apply various AI tools, from image editing to text generation, to help users improve work efficiency and creativity in various fields.

Kids Chatgpt

Kids ChatGPT is an interactive chatbot designed for children, aiming to educate, entertain, and motivate kids through conversations. The platform uses artificial intelligence technology to provide a safe and friendly environment for children to learn new knowledge, improve social skills, and enjoy fun.


Pitch N Hire is an innovative recruitment platform designed to simplify and optimize the recruitment process for companies. It helps companies find the most suitable candidates through advanced candidate management and application tracking systems, while providing job seekers with a wide range of full-time, part-time, and remote job opportunities.


Shadowing AI is a platform focused on providing interview practice and instant feedback. It uses artificial intelligence to help users improve their interview skills, communication abilities, and career development. Whether it's job interviews, college applications, or visa interviews, Shadowing AI can provide personalized practice and detailed analysis reports to help users self-improve and achieve career goals.

G3d AI

G3D.AI is a generative AI platform, aimed at providing game developers with 3D assets, level design, game mechanics, and story narration support through text prompts. The platform uses advanced AI technology to help users quickly generate high-quality game content, greatly improving development efficiency and creative freedom.


EvolveAI is an advanced training platform that combines artificial intelligence with expert coaching to provide personalized training programs. It uses state-of-the-art sports science to optimize each workout, ensuring users achieve their fitness goals efficiently. The platform offers affordable, adaptive training solutions for athletes of all levels.