Auto shorts

What is Auto shorts ? is an AI video generator for TikTok and YouTube, which simplifies the creation of faceless videos and enhances content strategy efficiency.

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Auto shorts Core Features

Automated video creation

Custom-themed videos

Video editing tools

Auto-publishing and management

Auto shorts Subscription Plan

✔️ Single publishing
✔️ Watermarked videos
✔️ 3 weekly publishing
✔️ No watermarked videos
✔️ Auto-publishing to channels
✔️ Daily publishing
✔️ Video editing and preview
✔️ Add background music
✔️ Twice daily publishing
✔️ Advanced editing features
✔️ Priority customer support

FAQ from Auto shorts

What are the main functions of mainly provides automated video creation, editing, and publishing functions, especially suitable for the production of faceless videos.

What are the limitations of the Free version?

The Free version only supports single publishing, and the videos will contain a watermark.

What is the price of the Starter plan?

The price of the Starter plan is $19 per month, offering 3 weekly publishing and no watermarked videos.

Does it support video editing functionality?

Yes, provides video editing and preview features, allowing users to edit videos before publishing.

Who is the Core plan suitable for?

The Core plan is suitable for users who need high-frequency publishing and advanced editing features, priced at $69 per month.

How does achieve automated publishing? can automatically generate, edit, and publish videos based on user preferences and schedules.

Does support custom video themes?

Yes, users can customize video content based on specific themes and interests, ensuring each video aligns with their brand style.

How to address the watermark issue in the Free version?

Users can remove the watermark by upgrading to a paid plan or by manually removing it using the video cropping tool.

Who is suitable for? is suitable for all users who need to simplify the video production process, including content creators, small businesses, and marketing teams.

What are the options for paid plans?

Paid plans include the Starter plan ($19 per month), Daily plan ($39 per month), and Core plan ($69 per month), offering different publishing frequencies and features.

Alternative of Auto shorts


Crayo AI is a platform designed to create viral short videos. By utilizing artificial intelligence technology, Crayo can automatically generate subtitles, special effects, backgrounds, and music, allowing users to complete video creation in just a few minutes. The tool is suitable for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts, helping users quickly produce engaging video content.