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What is Chattts Ai ?

ChatTTS is a speech generation model designed for dialogue scenarios, suitable for dialogue tasks of large language model assistants, dialogue audio and video introductions, and other applications. It is trained on approximately 100,000 hours of Chinese and English data, demonstrating high-quality and natural speech synthesis effects.

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FAQ from Chattts Ai

How to integrate ChatTTS into applications?

Developers can use the provided API and SDK to integrate ChatTTS into their applications. Detailed documentation and examples can guide developers through the integration process.

What applications can ChatTTS be used for?

ChatTTS can be used for, but not limited to: dialogue tasks of large language model assistants, generating conversational speech, video introductions, speech synthesis of educational and training content, and any application or service that requires text-to-speech functionality.

How is ChatTTS trained?

ChatTTS is trained on approximately 100,000 hours of Chinese and English data. The breadth of this dataset helps the model learn to generate high-quality, natural speech. The project team also plans to open source a basic model trained on 40,000 hours of data to further promote research and development.

Does ChatTTS support multiple languages?

Yes, ChatTTS supports Chinese and English. By training on a large amount of Chinese and English data, ChatTTS can generate high-quality bilingual speech synthesis, suitable for multi-language environments.

What sets ChatTTS apart from other text-to-speech models?

ChatTTS is optimized for dialogue scenarios, particularly suitable for dialogue applications. It supports Chinese and English, and is trained on a massive dataset to ensure high-quality, natural speech synthesis. The planned open sourcing of the basic model further promotes research and development in this field.

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