What is Translinguist ?

TransLinguist is an innovative multilingual service platform dedicated to connecting people worldwide through AI translation of voice and subtitles. It emphasizes the power of linguistic inclusivity by providing a wide range of services including business meetings, medical appointments, legal proceedings, online education, and media entertainment activities, making content accessible to everyone regardless of their language or cultural background.

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Translinguist Core Features

Provides remote interpretation services for business meetings

Offers video remote interpretation services for medical appointments

Provides remote simultaneous interpretation services for legal proceedings

Offers interpretation services for online courses and seminars

Provides interpretation services for media and entertainment events

Translinguist Subscription Plan

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FAQ from Translinguist

What is TransLinguist?

TransLinguist is a multilingual connectivity platform that offers real-time remote interpretation services, enabling users to communicate with the world in their own language on any platform.

How does TransLinguist help users from different languages in business meetings?

TransLinguist Interactive platform can help bridge language barriers in business meetings between different companies, countries, and cultures, ensuring seamless and effective communication.

Does TransLinguist provide remote interpretation services for medical appointments?

Yes, TransLinguist can provide video remote interpretation services to assist healthcare providers in effective communication during medical appointments.

How is TransLinguist applied in legal proceedings?

TransLinguist can provide remote simultaneous interpretation services, suitable for trials, hearings, testimonies, and other legal proceedings.

Does TransLinguist support interpretation services for online courses and seminars?

Yes, the TransLinguist platform can be used to provide interpretation services for online courses, lectures, and seminars.

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