What is Invideo ?

InVideo is a powerful online video editing platform, offering a rich library of pre-made templates and advanced editing tools, suitable for creating various types of videos such as YouTube videos, ads, and social media videos. Whether you are an individual or a business user, InVideo can help you quickly and efficiently produce professional quality videos.

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Invideo Core Features

AI Video Generator

Image to Video

Video Template Library

Music and Sound Effects Library

Team Collaboration

Invideo Subscription Plan

✔️ 10 mins/wk of AI generation
✔️ 50 mins/mo of AI generation
✔️ 80/mo iStock
✔️ 100 GB storage
✔️ 200 mins/mo of AI generation
✔️ 320/mo iStock
✔️ 400 GB storage
✔️ 5 voice clones
✔️ Upto 1 user

FAQ from Invideo

How to create AI videos using InVideo?

Creating AI videos on InVideo is very simple. First, choose a pre-made template and then select the video size. You can then use AI to generate the video script or add your own script. Select the desired images and videos, customize the video content, add transition effects and music, and finally preview and render the video.

What are the features of InVideo's free version?

InVideo's free version allows users to use a large number of pre-made templates, edit videos, add images, music, and text. Users can create different types of videos, including YouTube videos, ads, slideshow videos, etc. Some advanced features and materials may require a paid account.

How to turn images and music into a video using InVideo?

Creating image and music videos using InVideo is very simple. Choose a template or start from scratch, upload images, drag and drop them onto the timeline. Add text descriptions and music, decorate with various transition effects and stickers, and finally export and share the video.

What video formats does InVideo support?

InVideo supports multiple video formats, allowing users to choose different aspect ratios (such as 9:16, 1:1, 16:9) to create videos suitable for platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, etc. Videos can be exported in 1080p Full HD quality.

How to add voiceover in InVideo?

Adding voiceover in InVideo is simple. Users can record voice directly in the editor or use the text-to-speech feature. Additionally, users can edit the audio, add fade-in and fade-out effects, and synchronize the audio with the video.

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