Best 5 AI Tutoring in 2024

Homework Ai, Homeworkify, bentolingo AI, s10 AI, Trinka AI, is the best paid/free AI Tutoringtools.

Homework Ai

HomeworkAI is an innovative platform designed for language teachers, using artificial intelligence to generate detailed grammar summaries and exercises, reducing teacher stress, saving time, and helping students better understand the content.


Homeworkify is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free and unrestricted access to knowledge, aimed at helping students learn smarter without any cost. Through its Q&A solution search engine, users can search for questions and find similar homework problems and solutions. Homeworkify's mission is to make education belong to students, not publishers, ensuring that everyone has free access to educational resources.

bentolingo AI

Bentolingo is a language learning platform powered by artificial intelligence, which helps users systematically improve their language skills through daily customized mini-courses (called 'bento boxes'). Whether it's vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, or writing, Bentolingo provides personalized feedback to help users master the language and culture more effectively.

s10 AI
0 is an advanced AI-driven platform designed to streamline and enhance the parenting experience. It offers personalized insights, real-time solutions, and a comprehensive suite of tools to support parents in managing their children's health, education, and daily activities effectively.

Trinka AI

Trinka AI is an advanced writing assistant tool designed to improve the quality of academic and technical writing. Its features include grammar check, plagiarism detection, literature review, etc., helping users create high-quality documents.