Hallo AI

What is Hallo AI ?

Hallo.ai is an AI platform dedicated to language learning, aiming to help users fluently master multiple languages through actual conversations with AI tutors.

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Hallo AI Core Features

Automated language assessment

Self-service subscription management

Partner management

Usage statistics

Hallo AI Subscription Plan

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FAQ from Hallo AI

What are the core features of Hallo?

The core features of Hallo include automated language assessment, self-service subscription management, partner management, and usage statistics.

How to purchase a subscription plan for Hallo?

You can purchase a subscription plan through the settings page on the mobile or web platform, and it supports payments via PayPal, credit card, or debit card.

How does the subscription plan for Hallo work?

According to your plan, a certain amount of one-on-one sessions will be allocated each week, which must be used within the week and cannot be carried over to the next week.

Why was my credit card payment declined?

Possible reasons include the bank not allowing international transactions, changes in geographical location, or abnormal payment amounts.

How to cancel a subscription to Hallo?

You can cancel your subscription at any time on the subscription page, and after cancellation, the current discount will no longer apply.

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