Best 5 AI Web Generation in 2024

Uimagic, Netjet AI, Deco AI, Transactional, Framer, is the best paid/free AI Web Generationtools.


AI-driven website generation tool

Netjet AI
0 is an online website building tool that allows users to create websites without any coding or design experience. With, you can choose a template, customize it to your liking, and publish your website online. The platform offers fast loading speeds, unlimited storage and access, member area creation, and team collaboration tools, making it ideal for startups and small businesses.

Deco AI
0 is an open-source, headless frontend platform designed to help businesses of all kinds quickly build high-performance digital experiences. Combining Deno, JSX, and Tailwind technologies, it provides the ability for both no-code editing and full code customization.

0 is an advanced PDF generation platform designed for developers, providing a simple and efficient solution for PDF generation.


Framer is a powerful UI and UX design tool, suitable for creating interactive website and application interfaces. Core features include: interactive design, third-party service integration, customizable canvas, AI-assisted design, multi-language support, etc. These features make Framer the ideal choice for designers and developers, helping them to quickly create and release high-quality digital products.