What is Mangatranslator ?

Manga Translator is an AI-driven manga translation extension that supports translating manga into as many as 135 languages, suitable for manga enthusiasts and translators.

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Mangatranslator Core Features

Automatically translate manga

Support multiple languages

Fast translation speed

User-friendly interface

Vertical text conversion

Mangatranslator Subscription Plan

Basic Plan
✔️ A certain amount of free translation
✔️ Support for 135 languages
✔️ Upload manga for translation
Advanced Plan
Subscription price not clearly displayed, need to check on the website$
✔️ Unlimited translation
✔️ Priority technical support
✔️ Continuous updates and improvements

FAQ from Mangatranslator

What kind of product is Manga Translator?

Manga Translator is a Chrome browser extension that quickly translates dialogue text in manga.

Can I use this online manga translation extension for free?

Yes, registered users can translate a certain number of manga, manga books, and comics for free.

How many languages does Manga Translator support?

Manga Translator supports 135 languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, and Vietnamese, among others.

What are the advantages of Manga Translator compared to other translators?

Manga Translator can directly translate manga on web pages, support uploading manga for translation, has fast translation speed, and offers high cost performance.

Does Manga Translator support converting vertical text in manga speech bubbles to horizontal text?

Yes, Manga Translator can easily translate text from vertically and horizontally scanned images, regardless of the original language.

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