What is Srefhunter ? provides an online database of Midjourney Sref codes, helping users discover and apply unique visual styles.

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FAQ from Srefhunter

What is Midjourney Sref code?

Midjourney Sref code is a special identifier used to quickly apply specific visual styles when generating images.

How to generate Midjourney Sref code?

By using the “--sref random” feature in the prompt, the system selects a random style and creates an image, and the generated code can be used in future prompts.

How to use Sref code in Midjourney?

Include “--sref” followed by the code number in the prompt, for example, “--sref 20240622”, to apply a specific style.

Where can I find a collection of Sref codes?

You can find a large number of Sref code collections on, the website is updated weekly and showcases visual examples of various styles.

What is Midjourney style reference?

By adding the “--sref” parameter followed by the URL of an online image in the prompt, you can use style reference, and you can use multiple URLs to reference multiple styles.

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