Sql Pilot

What is Sql Pilot ?

SQLPilot is an AI-based SQL editor that supports fast generation of complex SQL queries to improve work efficiency.

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Sql Pilot Core Features

AI-driven SQL query generation

Support for multiple GPT models

Unlimited database connections

SQL auto-completion

Sql Pilot Subscription Plan

Free Plan
✔️ Basic SQL query generation
✔️ Support for PostgreSQL and MySQL
✔️ Unlimited database connections
Pro Plan
✔️ Advanced SQL query functions
✔️ Multi-model support
✔️ Advanced security and privacy settings
Enterprise Plan
✔️ Enterprise-level features
✔️ Customized service
✔️ Priority customer support

FAQ from Sql Pilot

What are the main functions of SQLPilot?

SQLPilot can generate complex SQL queries through AI, support multiple GPT models, provide unlimited database connections, and have SQL auto-completion function.

Does SQLPilot support free trial?

Yes, SQLPilot offers a free plan that allows users to experience basic SQL query generation function without the need for a credit card.

What subscription plans are available?

SQLPilot offers three subscription plans: Free Plan (free), Pro Plan ($49 per month), and Enterprise Plan ($99 per month), suitable for users with different needs.

How to ensure data security and privacy?

SQLPilot does not store user schemas, queries, or credentials, only uses the provided data to generate SQL queries to ensure data security and privacy.

Which databases does SQLPilot support?

Currently, SQLPilot supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, and will support more databases in the future.

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